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#CPC Wednesday Message 9-13-23

It's still hot!  At least it is in Tucson.  Last Sunday reached 111 degrees.  oy vey.  That's the hottest temperature ever recorded in the month of September.  And quite frankly, a lot of us are just over it.  We're done with the summer heat and ready for the beauty of the Fall in Tucson.It'll come!   It always does.The seasons come and go, at their own pace, at the pace perhaps challenged by how we live our lives that affects the environment, but the seasons always come and go.Trusting in timing, other than your own, is always a difficult challenge in our lives.Trusting in God's timing is sometimes very difficult.  But what I know of God is that God knows what is best and when.  God's been in charge, is in charge, and always will be in charge.  And throughout history, I can look back and see that God's timing has always been better than ours.  It's difficult, but we can trust in God's timing.The Fall will come.  I hope it lasts more than a day, but it will come.I trust in God's ways. 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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