#CPCTucsonAZ Wednesday Message 11/20/19

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Wednesday Message 11-20-19

Wednesday Greetings,

Rain in Tucson!  Hooray.

I'm betting many of us prayed for a good rain, and I'm betting at the same time many of us prayed that it would rain another day.

It's like at a sports event.... some are praying for one time to win, while others are praying for the other team to win.

How does God choose?   More importantly.... why do we try to make God choose?

I'm trying to learn to make my prayers more full of thankfulness, so I'm trying to thank God for the rain... whenever it comes, and deal with the rest on my own.

Of course, I'd like my ideal, but I know that my ideal might not be ideal for someone else.  And surprisingly, I've learned that I am not on this earth alone.  So, what's best for me may not be best for someone else.   And somewhere in the mix of that... God still is... and for that I'm grateful.

So, I'm trying to learn to just be grateful, no matter what and when.   The nice thing is.... I tend to be happier when I do so.  And I like being happy.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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