#CPC Wednesday Message 6-1-22

Posted by Pastor Steve Melde on

Wednesday Greetings,

"Life is not orderly.  No matter how we try to make life so, right in the middle of it we die, lose a leg, fall in love, drop a jar of applesauce."  Natalie GoldbergAnd the Good News?It's into this same kind of life that Jesus was born so long ago, showing us that in the midst of the non-orderliness of life... God is.Remember that "in the beginning" God created order out of chaos.  God knows what to do and how to do it.  God is present in the chaos and in the order.  When life seems messy, God is with you.  When life is working out, God is with you.The Great Creator is in all things with you.So, whatever you face, you face it with the presence of God's Spirit, the one who knows how to navigate chaos and bring it to order.Trust. 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde