#CPC Wednesday Message 5-3-23

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Wednesday Greetings,

Breathe.....Oh, I know.  we all breathe.... until we don't... but, this week I'm practicing some intentional breathing.This week I'm at the beach in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, trying to theme worship for the next several months (September... Overview of the Bible), and trying to breathe.  I am watching the waves (and oh are there lots of waves, the wind is really fierce this week, uncomfortably so), but I imagine the waves coming in to bring in goodness, and as they edge back out, I give them the challenges.It is amazing how one can find "center" when one is intentional about breathing.  The body is built for it, and so is the soul.You don't have to travel to beach to do this.  You can do it while driving in frustrating traffic.  You can do it when chasing the kids and getting them ready for worship.  You can do it in the midst of a board meeting (and even a bored meeting).  You can do it in the grocery store, shower, chair watching Price is Right.Imagine breathing in the goodness of God, and releasing the challenges built up within you.It may sound silly to some of us.... but there's something good about breathing intentionally.Breathe this week! 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde