#CPC Wednesday Message 4-7-21

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Wednesday Message 4-7-21

Wednesday Greetings,

Christ is risen.  He is risen, indeed!

Remember.... this good news is not just for Easter Sunday.  It's for every day, every night.

Nothing is the same.  We don't go back to the way things were.  We move forward with deeper conviction, with a greater understanding that nothing separates us from God's love, facing old problems in new ways.

We don't have to sit and watch the re-runs of our lives, dwelling on our mistakes.   

God is inviting us to live again, to accept God's grace, and in deed to celebrate the resurrection.

In deed?   Yes!  in action.  In the way we live our lives from every moment beyond the proclamation:  Christ is risen.

It's a phrase you can repeat to yourself over and over again as you move forward in your life.

God's plan is coming into focus, every time we utter.... Christ is risen.  

Be a part of it.  Let your deeds show others what you believe.

That's what Jesus did!  And that's what he invites us into also.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde