#CPC Wednesday Message 3-31-21

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Holy Week Wednesday Greetings,

It's Wednesday, the "middle of the week."

And I remind you that in the middle of everything, Jesus was born, God came to us, to be with us in a way we could relate better to God, to learn from God how to live a faithful life, and to save us from ourselves when we just couldn't understand.

This Holy Week Wednesday, I invite you to remember that God is always right in the MIDDLE of things with you.  God doesn't solve all our problems, nor save us from all our challenges, but God is most certainly with us in the middle of our lives, leading us through, loving us still.

Knowing that God is with me, and I get to be with God, brings some peace in the middle of my life.  I pray it does for you, too.
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde