#CPC Wednesday Message 11-23-22

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Wednesday Greetings,

God of all Creation,Thank you.Thank you for the beauty and wonder of this world and all that you have made, set into motion, and continue to be a part of with your Spirit.Thank you for being you: Sovereign, Beyond Full Description, Patient, Demanding, Forgiving, Compelling, Compassionate, and so much more.Please God, forgive us.   We sin.  We turn from you and your ways for us in small and large ways sometimes.  We all have hurt someone at some point.And some of us are so far over the edge, we hurt others with horrible intention and mass capabilities.  Save us from ourselves; save us from each other; save us, God.Let your peace reign in every heart, mind, soul.We give ourselves to you, even as in Jesus you have given yourself to us.  Let your Light shine through us into a troubled world so that all may not only know your grace, but live in it fully.And help us, each of us as we pray this prayer, to be the shining example of how life can be lived with your Spirit as our constant Guide.  Help us to comfort the wounded and be a part of helping folks back from over the edge into a life that will truly honor you, as we love you, our neighbors, and even ourselves.Thank you, God, for not giving up on us, even when we give up on you and each other.Thank you.AMEN 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde