#CPC Wednesday Message 10-6-21

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Wednesday Greetings,

Here come the holidays.  Stores are decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I was in the Safeway grocery store and the freezer section has
.... are you ready for it...... Peppermint stick ice cream.

I LOVE peppermint stick ice cream (with hot fudge especially).

I was soooo happy to see this.

And I know, most of us groan about all the holidays being mashed up together, and the earlyness the stores bring.... but .... come on.... these are our holidays.... Christian holidays...

OK< maybe not Halloween, but Giving Thanks, and Celebrating Christmas!  That's Christianity.  These are our days.  And the world is joining us in celebrating the joy God brings us in our lives.

Reclaim the holidays by letting folks know you love God.
Give thanks, celebrate Jesus' birth....

and have some peppermint stick ice cream.  It's good for your soul.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde