#CPC Wednesday Message 1-24-24

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Wednesday Greetings,

Bleh.   This last week there was a significant hack, and lots of people received a fake text asking for help.  It's so sad this happened, and happens.  I'm one of those who wishes that people smart enough to figure out such a hack would actually put it to good use, not the bad use that was intended.But today... I just remind you.... despite the fact that we need to be suspicious in so many more ways of people..... people are still good.Generations have always had to face stuff like this.  Even the Bible warns about false prophets... likely out for their own gain.  But the Bible also shows us how good and faithful people can be.Don't lose sight of your own goodness, and the goodness of others.  Even while being more diligent in watching for scams.Verify.... don't just take a text asking for help at face value.  Check the number.  Don't just respond to a text.    Go into your directory and use the number you already have for someone and create a new text to verify.NEVER buy gift cards that you then give the number to someone or send to someone!  I'll never ask for those.Verify.   Report.   Block.    Delete!And move on.  And remember.... most people are good. Don't let the bad ones take that away from you. 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde