Wednesday Message for February 6, 2019

Posted by Pastor Steve Melde on

Wednesday Greetings,

Why?  But Why?  Why?

I had a day when that was about all I could ask God. 

And then, I played with my three year old grandson, who asked me twice, "Why?"  I could feel the frustration building in both of us, mostly because the answer really was, "Because."

And I giggled.  I realized how frustrating it can be to answer a three year old.  And I realized how frustrated God must get with me.

As I answered my grandson, I knew that I was thinking... if only he would just trust me....  and then I realized, that must be what God is thinking when I keep asking why.

So, I spent the next day saying to God, "I trust you."

It didn't change my desire to know why, it didn't change the challenge of why I was asking why, but it changed my relationship with God.

Trust is one of the deepest parts of a relationship, and sometimes, you just have to trust and stop asking why.
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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