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Wednesday Message 9-25-19

Wednesday Greetings,

I giggled, until I realized... he was me....

I was stopped at the red light, waiting to turn right.  He was also waiting, at the sidewalk to walk across the street.   He kept pushing the button, a bright silver button, brightened by the constant pushing of the button.  It had been polished by the all too often pushing... by him, I think.

You know, the button that makes the light instantly turn green in your direction so that you can walk across the intersection.

Oh, did you know that the first push sets it all into motion?  The second, third, fourth, 25th, 67th push of the button does nothing to speed up the process.

But he kept pushing the button, as if he was in total control of all of us at the intersection.

I giggled, until I realized... sometimes my prayer life is like that.

Ouch.  Don't I know that the first prayer sets it all into motion, and that the second, third, hundredth prayer... doesn't speed up the action, doesn't control everything.   God heard me the first time.... yet I keep pushing the button.

And I apologized to God for not trusting... and gave thanks for the reminder.... God's got this.  My request is made known.  Now trust, turn the corner, and move on.

And so I did.   And here I am.

Betcha I keep pushing the button... but maybe.... not as often.
I'm learning.   

How about you?
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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