#CPC Wednesday Message 9-29-21

Posted by Pastor Steve Melde on

Wednesday Greetings,

God is good.  All the Time.
All the time.  God is good.

This mantra is often spoken, well, ok, shouted, at youth events.  It's a reminder that no matter what we encounter in the world, no matter how it may seem, God is good.   

This is an important aspect of faith for us all to remember.   There may be a lot of bad things that happen to us in this life we live, but they don't come our way because God makes them happen to us.  They come to us simply because that's how life is. 

What we can trust and hope in is the goodness of God.  all the time!

So, in the midst of the badness, is the goodness of God.  

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde