#CPC Wednesday Message 7-21-21

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Wednesday Message 7-21-21

Wednesday Greetings,

Well, shucks.    The Phoenix Suns didn't win the NBA finals.   I thought for sure they would.  After all, God is on their side.  Right?

Oh, God must have been a Bucks fan.

I'm sure God heard a lot of prayers during the NBA final games, from both sides.  Each asking God to be on the side of their team.

The reality?  I don't think God favors one team over the other, any  more than God favors one person over another.

I think instead of trying to get God on our team, we ought to be making sure we are on God's team.  Just that switch in thinking can change our prayer life, drastically.

Instead of trying to get God to do what you want God to do, maybe you ought be trying to figure out what God wants you to do, how God wants you to be.... so that it's about you honoring God, not God honoring you.

Well, shucks.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde