#CPC Wednesday Message 7-14-21

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Message 7-14-21

Wednesday Greetings,

Thank you.  

The congregation helped someone with rent recently.   I'm humbled at how generous the people of this congregation are.  We discovered someone in the community who was reallllllly struggling and just needed help to make rent.  Because people have given, and give extra throughout the year to a special fund for reaching out in this kind of situation, we were able to get a person through a very difficult month.

We sent the check to the apartment owner, let the person know the bill had been paid, and haven't heard from that person again.

I guess, to be honest, I was (am) a little bothered that the person didn't take the time to thank us. It's easy to do.  It's the right thing to do.  It's the gracious and kind thing to do.  But the person didn't.  Who knows, maybe the thanks will come later, but by now, it would have been appropriate to have received some form of thanks.

I allowed myself to get rather bothered by it, soured my thoughts, about helping that person, helping others.

Which is silly really.   We don't give so that we can be thanked.  We give to say thank you... to God, for allowing us to be a part of helping God's people, creating heaven on earth, just being kind.   

My motivation for giving to others isn't for what I can receive.  It's because of what I have already received.   I need to keep my mind and spirit there.  Because when I do, I stay at peace, I stay in love, I remain generous.  I remain grateful.

And that's a way better way to be than sour and resentful.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde