#CPC Wednesday Message 6-19-24

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Wednesday Greetings,

Juneteenth, June 19th, honors a time when people who were enslaved in our country were told that they had been freed nearly two years prior.

First, seriously.... in this country we intentionally enslaved people.  Think about that.. the land of the free?

Second, seriously... in this country, one nation under God, we used religion and faith to justify the enslavement of people (oh remember, not all people, just those of a particular skin color or national origin).

Third, seriously... even when we declared all people free, we didn't get the word to all people.   Yes, I know, they didn't have cell phones back then, but really?  several years?

Fourth, seriously... even after we declared all people to be free in this country, we didn't let some people vote... because of their skin color.

Fifth, seriously... even after all we have learned, not just as citizens of this free nation, but as people of the Christian faith, Racism is still a part of our lives.  

Seriously?  Seriously!

Growing up, I don't remember ever hearing about June 19th (Juneteenth), so at first I was reluctant to think about this being a national holiday.  But I'm grateful it is.  It forces me to take some time to think about history, to really learn from it, to see how we are still repeating it, and find ways in my life, in my faith to become more faithful to God through Jesus as the Christ... whom I believe died for all people!  All people!  All of creation, equally... forever and ever AMEN!

So Juneteenth?  seriously?

Yes, Juneteenth!  Seriously!  

It's a serious matter of faith!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde