#CPC Wednesday Message 6-10-20

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Wednesday Message 6-10-2020

Wednesday Greetings,

A prayer for today:

Precious Lord, take our hands, lead us on, lead us home.  What a mess it seems your world has become in our hands.  We need your leading; we need your forgiving.  We need you.

Help us notice how you have always been leading, forgiving, with us in every part of our lives.  Help us notice how you've always been revealing your way and filling us with your Holy Spirit to live as you call us to live.  And help us have the courage of the saints before us to live in your love.

Please forgive our sins, again and again, especially the ones we don't even realize that we are a part of, particularly the ones we know about and in which we continue to participate.

We ask all the time that you be at our side; we now ask to be at your side.... walking in your ways, loving with your love, honoring with your grace, understanding with your wisdom, and humbly being your children together.

Lord, help us so that our living is a true reflection of your loving.

In Jesus' name, we ask.  AMEN

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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