#CPC Wednesday Message 5-8-24

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Wednesday Greetings,

Happy Hump Day...

Wednesday is the middle of the week; you're heading over the hump into the last half of the week.  You can do it!

I like Wednesdays, not only because I take time to focus on faith and write a Wednesday message, but personally, it's a really important day to remember for me.

On Wednesdays I remind myself... 
   1.  That God has been with me in the past.
    2.  God has promised to be with me in the future.
   3.  So, God must be with me... right here, right now, right in the middle!

Right in the middle of everything, God is with me.  I may not know exactly how; I may not be aware of the presence. But, God is with me.  And that gets me through anything!

So, here's Wednesday, right in the middle of the week.  May you believe and know that God is with you... right in the middle of things...

God has been with you in the past, promises to be with you in the future, and so, must be with you now.

I hope that brings some relief to you... right in the middle of things.
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde