#CPC Wednesday Message 5-13-20

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Wednesday Message 5-13-20

Wednesday Greetings,

Happy Birthday, Christ Presbyterian Church!

64 years ago today, seventy-five people signed our congregation into life.  These Charter Members have blessed us with a faithful church family over many generations.   We are grateful to have two of our Charter Members still active in our congregation, Bob and Frances Sundt.  Though they are unable to attend worship on Sundays, even without the quarantine, they keep this congregation in their prayers!  What great gifts.

I'm sure the Beatle's song:  Will you still Need Me? is ringing in your head.  I hope so, because the world does still need us and we still need the church.

How does the church celebrate it's birthday? 

Well, just now we approved a voucher for about $100 worth of game books and activity books that were taken to the VA care center in Tucson to provide opportunities for Veteran Residents to keep active.

I also saw new sandwiches placed in the refrigerator to be taken to the Casa Maria Soup Kitchen today.  

Folding chairs with cloth seats are being cleaned and plans are being made for increased disinfecting so that the campus is as safe as it can be for the return to gathered in-person worship... someday. (no date yet).

And the Word of God in Jesus the Christ is still being proclaimed not just on the campus, but from the campus... out in activity books to the VA, sandwiches to Casa Maria and over the internet!

Ya, you betcha, we still need you CPC now that you're 64!

Bless you all for all that you do to keep this a vital church family and witness of God's grace and glory in Jesus the Savior.

Happy Birthday, CPC.
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

P.S.  Sure.... birthday gifts can be given to CPC to help with possible downfalls in income.   We're doing really well in our Needy Family fund which will help those in need from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we do expect that our General Fund income may be down in these months.  So, extra gifts to the General Fund are a wonderful way to say, Happy Birthday, and let's keep the tradition of mission going

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