#CPC Wednesday Message 4-27-22

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Wednesday Greetings,

Don't miss it!I was out for a walk this morning.  I started thinking about all I had to do.  And as I walked by a Palo Verde tree, I heard it shout, "hey, look at me."Well, OK, I'm not sure I heard it say that, but somehow as I walked by it, my thoughts about all I had to do disappeared, and what I saw was this glorious sight...A Palo Verde tree, green in its trunk and limbs, yellow ablazing with its flowers, heavy laden with so many flowers.    It was like the burning bush... ablaze with life, but not being consumed....and I realized in that moment I had allowed myself to consumed with everything but that which was around me.  I almost missed it.The tree was gorgeous.  And so I stopped for a moment just to take it all in, just to listen to it, just to say thank you to God for the tree and all its beauty, and just to thank God.I continued on.  Quickly my thoughts returned to all I had to do.  But just as quickly I reminded myself that I had time to do them and that this was the time to spend walking with God, thanking God for the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the palo verdes, and for the burning bush I encountered on my walk today.I hope you see a burning bush too!  I pray you stop and listen. 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde