#CPC Wednesday Message 10-28-20

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Wednesday Message 10-28-20

Wednesday Greetings,

Faith and Politics... whew.  hope that got your attention.

I really do believe that faith and politics are intertwined.  I believe our faith is intertwined in everything; I believe it needs to be.  Our faith is the center of our being.  And God in Christ calls us to live our faith in every part of our lives, even our politics.

Separation of Church and State never meant for us to leave our faith out of our decision making.  Christians can't.  Christians are called to make their whole lives centered in their faith.

So, when you go to the polls, don't leave your faith out.  Let it guide you.

Notice I'm not advocating who or what to vote for; I'm only advocating how to vote:  with your faith.

I'm advocating that you see your faith central in every part of your life.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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