#CPC Wednesday Message 1-26-22

Posted by Pastor Steve Melde on

Wednesday Greetings,

Why did I not know until this week that this was in the Bible???"When I thought, "My foot is slipping," your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up."Psalm 94:18God may not always "hold us up" from falling, but when we fall, God surely holds us up.  I rediscovered the power of prayer, of care and concern, of reaching out and helping, of sharing love.  I rediscovered the ways God holds us up.... through all of you.I pray we do that for all!  Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be when it slips and falls, if we would be a part of God's "holding each other up."I'm on it!You? 
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde