#CPC Wedneday Message 9-21-22

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I'm not one who likes the cold winter (and yes, I know, Tucson isn't so unbearably cold), but still, below 70 is cold!  hehehehehe.I'd rather be warm than cold.  But I do like the fall.Hm.   I guess, if I don't give up the warmth of the summer, I won't get the fall.  Which means I need to endure the winter....Hm, I guess there's a time for every season (Ecclesiastes 3).Last Day of Summer!It's ok.  Change is OK.  There's always a letting go and a taking on.  Summer ends, fall begins.  Winter will come.  Spring and summer will return, and pass.OK, I know.... brilliant Pastor Steve... I should receive awards for this brilliance, right?Nah, we all know it.  It's just that... sometimes I need the reminder that the change is OK.Change is OK!Because God is with us through every change!  Hallelujah, AMEN!
Peace on in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde