CPC COVID-19 Info: The Return to the CPC Campus

Look for updated information from Christ Presbyterian in regards to worship and events at CPC. 


The Return to the CPC Campus


 Updated July 2, 2020

We will remain On-line only for Worship.

  Your Safety Team has been meeting (via Zoom) over all these months of the pandemic, struggling through protocols and understanding guidelines for health and safety.  In order to open to in-person worship and use of the campus, we have ordered disinfectant sprays, hand sanitizers, and are working to modify rooms to encourage physical distancing.  We have ordered an electrostatic fogger that will allow us to better disinfect our spaces.  But that is on back order and may not arrive until September.

 To make the decisions we have been watching a few things:

            The percentage of positive cases,

            The percentage of capacity of hospital ER’s, ICU’s, and beds,

            The guidance of the federal, state, and city governance,

            CDC guidelines,

            The experience of businesses and other churches in our area,

            And a whole lot of prayer.


Because right now, the Tucson area has a high rate of positive cases, the hospitals are letting us know of their concern of being at capacity, the State Governor’s call to not gather in larger groups, our Safety Team has voted to keep us online only for a while longer.  We will hope to be able to gather for in-person worship sometime in August.  We will continue our process of meeting, discussing, praying, and deciding.  And we will let you know as time progresses when we be able to be in our worship spaces together. 

 Please know that when return to in-person worship need to follow some basic protocols:

            Don’t attend if you have a fever or any symptoms of illness,

            Use hand sanitizer on the way into the worship space,

            Maintain physical distance from non-household persons,

            Assume the risks involved,

            And it is possible, and probable, that facemasks will still be required                   
                            (that decision will be made in the week prior).

 We will not be singing congregationally for a while.  We will be creative with music, using our virtual choirs, instrumentalists, and occasional soloists.   We will not pass the guest sign-in books nor the offering plates.   We’ll have other ways of receiving both.   We won’t be serving food for fellowship time after worship, though we will have bottled water available.  We will still encourage physical distance between
non-household persons.  We will ask that families keep their children with them for a while yet.  We are not sure what we will do about communion yet.  We may hold off offering communion while in-person for a while and offer online special communion experiences.

 These are new times, and we are grateful for how hard our worship leaders are working to be creative and inspiring.  They’ve given us meaningful worship online and plan to give us great worship for both
in-person and on-line times!   Let’s continue to be patient and helpful along the way. 

 We’ll need help from persons to act as ushers and helpers at hand sanitizer stations, collecting offering, collecting attendance information, handing out water bottles, sanitizing chairs and door handles and handrails, etc.   If you’re willing to help, please let Pastor Steve Melde know.

 Thank you for your prayers, understanding, faithfulness, and continued support of our church family. 

 Your Safety Team