#CPC Wednesday Message 4-1-20

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Wednesday Message 4-1-2020

Wednesday Greetings,

April Fools.....

This is a day people play all sorts of jokes on each other.  We tell stories that aren't true, which people believe for a while, until they realize what day it is.

I loved it when Easter fell on April Fool's day.   I imagined God saying, "You thought I was dead...."   "You thought you could get rid of me...."   "You thought I'd get back at you....."

Oh, the revenge of God... is the sweetest April Fool's joke:

Yes, God's revenge is forgiveness.

Just when we deserved God's wrathful punishment, God raised Jesus from the dead and as he emerged from the tomb, we discovered God's grace even more clearly in our lives.  My Lord, what a morning!

Today, the world hovers around the death knell of the Coronavirus.  Sometimes we think it will be end of us all.

But I remember today, the great gift of God's humor:  God's forgiveness.  And from that forgiveness comes life, anew.   A new day, a new opportunity to know that God's story isn't made up, it isn't a joke, it's no April Fool's day story.   

The story will be true tomorrow, and every tomorrow ahead of us.  

Keep your faith focused there!
Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde