Look for updated information from Christ Presbyterian in regards to worship and events at CPC. 


Dear Christ Presbyterian Church Family,

 Tuesday, March 17, 2020   11 a.m.  MST

 How challenging it is facing this Coronavirus Pandemic.   Remember our faith; we are always in God's good and loving hands.  We pray our way through all of this and follow as we are guided.

 Our U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has now called for no gatherings of more than 50 people, and others are calling for no gatherings of more than 10 people.  So we are complying.

 We will only worship on-line together, Sundays March 22 and 29.  Beyond that, we will let you know.  So, please do not come to the church campus for worship these next two Sundays; worship with us through the internet.

 You can find us online in varying places:

     Website:  www.cpctucsonaz.org    (scroll to the bottom of the homepage)

     Facebook:   Christ Presbyterian Tucson

     YouTube Live:  @cpctucsonaz

 All three sites will broadcast live, and they will also record our worship so that you can watch later if you are not able to join us at 8:30 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. each Sunday morning.  

 I'm working with worship leaders to enhance our on-line experience so that it gives us as much connection as possible.   If you watch on Facebook... be sure to say hi and let us know that you are present.   You are welcome to make comments to each other and be the church family together.  The other sites don't give us that option while watching live.

 I know that not all of us have connections to the internet.  I'm sorry that we may not be as connected to all of our church family as we want to be.   Perhaps there is someone who can get you connected online through their resources.  Perhaps you can help someone do that.  I'm entrusting you all to make those kind of connections, safely.   With so many of our members in the more vulnerable category, and the increase caution from the CDC, we are doing what we can to be safe and help our whole community be safe.

 Pastoral Care is always available to you.  It just may need to be done differently.  Because our hospitals and elder care centers are, for the most part, closed to visitors, Debby Anderson and I will do most of our visitations over the phone or internet.    I will remain open to visitations for emergencies as I'm allowed, be sure to call me in an emergency either  through the church office, 520-886-5535.   I am open to you for pastoral needs throughout all of this, whether it's just needing to say hi or needing a prayer or needing some help.

 I'm working on getting us connected on-line with Zoom which will allow us to do meetings together over the internet.  This is also a good time to be connected with us through all of our social media:

          Facebook:  Christ Presbyterian Tucson

          Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat:    cpctucsonaz   

 I'm also encouraging you not to meet in any of your small groups through at least the end of March.   That would include Bible Studies, prayer groups, choirs, and other fellowship groups.   There may be ways through Zoom that we can help you be connected online.  You'd be amazed at how personal it can be when you see your fellow congregants right there on your computer screen and can fully interact with them from within your home.   I know that not all of us have those capabilities.  We will do our best to keep you connected in this difficult time.

 I'm also encouraging you to not come to the church office where our staff are working at following the "socially-distant" guidelines.  If you need anything through the office, Stella, our Office Manager, can be reached by phone or email:           520-886-5535.

 Our bookkeeper, Robin Plemmons, can be reached by email and phone:


 We do encourage you to keep up with your giving to our church as best you can.   You can do so by sending a check to the office, or bill-pay through your bank, through on-line giving on our website (cpctucsonaz.org   note the red giving button in the upper right hand corner of the main page where you can set up an account to your credit card.... but only if you are able to pay that off!), or through text-to-give, 520-729-4665.  

 31 boxes of food for our Haven Totes families at Kellond Elementary were put together and sent out right away to help them through this difficult time.  We are still sending sandwiches to the Casa Maria Soup Kitchen next week.  We are continuing to help people in the church family and community through all of this.  Your ongoing giving is still important.  And yet, I know that this might make it challenging for some of us.  Please know that we fully understand, and that as a congregation we can help each other through this crisis time.  Just let me know if you find you need emergency, temporary financial help, or if you need to change your giving for now.  

 We are blessed to have already set up ways of your connections through our online broadcasting and giving and our social media resources.  My deepest prayer is that we all rely on our faith.  This is a good time to trust in God and to live the faith.

 Shalom to us all, and all the world.

Pastor Steve Melde

office:  520-886-5535

cell:  520-444-0994